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Here at Plotke Plumbing & Heating we know how awful it is to run into a sewer stoppage. We have trained technicians ready to get your drains unclogged and working properly. We serve Encinitas, CA, Carlsbad, CA, Vista, CA and many more surrounding areas.

Maintain Your Sewer Lines

We know dealing with sewage problems is never fun. There are many reasons as to why you might encounter these types of sewage stoppages at your home. Outdated plumbing systems, hair, grease, food build-up, soap scum, hygiene products, tree roots and more. Our team is here to help you clear any sewer line stoppages you have at your home or office. Always keep an eye out for gurgling in your toilets or slow draining water. This may indicate you could be facing sewer line problems in the future. If this is not taken care of it can come at a costly expense, which is never fun.

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Sewer Repair

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