Hot water smells or is discolored
  • If your hot water only has an unusual odor, is caused by a reaction between the hot water heater’s anode rod and water that has a high concentration of sulfate. Anode rod needs to be replaced. Call us for service.
How to flush or drain a water heater
  • Turn off the gas or electric power and let the water cool down a little (may be too hot for the drain hose).
  • Close the incoming water valve, normally located over the right side of the water heater.
  • Attach a hose to the drain valve to run the water to the outdoors.
  • Open the drain valve and open one hot water faucet somewhere to assist in quick draining.
  • When all water has drained from the water heater and the drain runs clear. Then close the drain valve and the hot water faucet, open the cold water valve slowly, and turn the water back on.
  • Bleed the air out of the hot line by choosing a bathtub valve, opening up the hot side and let the air pop out thru the tub spout.


How to shut off a water heater
  • turn off gas or electricity:
  • Gas: Twist the dial on the top of the thermostat from the ON to the OFF position.
  • Electric: Switch the circuit breaker for the water heater to the OFF position.
  • gas_shutoff
  • TURN OFF WATER SUPPLY. Turn the handle on the water valve CLOCKWISE until it stops. If the water does not stop, turn off the main water valve for the entire house.
  • DRAIN WATER HEATER. Attach a hose to the drain valve at the bottom of the tank. Run the other end of the hose to a lower place where you can drain rusty, hot water without causing damage. Open a hot water faucet in the house to let air into the tank.
  • OPEN THE RELIEF VALVE. Flip handle so it is sticking straight out or up. (CAUTION: Scalding hot water).
  • If you have a recirculating pump make sure to unplug it.


How to shut off water to the house

Most homes have a gate valve or ball valve which is usually located in front of your house or in the garage where the water enters. Turn the valve until the water is completely shut off. If unable to turn off the water, then a call to the water district to turn the water off at the street is also an option.

How to turn off water at a fixture

Each sink and toilet usually has its own shutoff valve. Look underneath the sink to find the hot and cold water supply pipes. The water can be shutoff here without interrupting the supply to the rest of the home.



Running out of hot water?
  • Check the pilot light to be sure it hasn’t gone out. If it has, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to relight it.
  • Turn the thermostat dial to a hotter setting.
  • Check the age of your water heater, if it’s between 8 and 11 years it may need to be changed.

Call us for an estimate on a change out or replacing it with a more efficient, tankless water heater.


Water heater pilot does not stay lit
  • If the pilot light on your gas water heater keeps going out, your pilot light’s orifice could be dirty and clogged, making the flame small and unsustainable. Check to make sure there is no obvious dirt and debris clogging it.
  • If dirt is not the issue, there may be a problem with the thermocouple.
  • If you are a do it yourself type, you can replace this part. If not, call us.


Water heater tips
  • Set the temperature control to about 150 degrees F.
  • Lower if you have no dishwasher or if you have small children or elderly people
  • Always shut off the power to an electric water heater before working on it.
  • Also consider installing one of our tankless water heater.
  • Do not work on an electric water heater if there is standing water pooled on the floor near the water heater. Shut off the circuit to the water heater and call us.


What are water filtration systems?
  • Water Treatment Systems offer clean, odor free and delicious water solution throughout the whole house or just at a single tap, like the kitchen sink area for cooking.
  • Save time, money, your back and our planet by not buying bottled water.
  • Call us for latest information on the products we recommend.


What information do I need when I call for an appointment ?
  • Explanation of your plumbing needs.
  • Home and cell phone numbers.
  • Address and zip code.
  • Owners or billing address.
  • Best time for the service call.


What is involved with “green plumbing” ?
  • Replace shower heads and faucet aerators with low flow types.
  • Inspect toilets for water leaks or unusual movement
  • Inspect angle stops, water supplies and washer hoses for potential leaks.
  • Inspect water heater for potential leaks and earth quake strapping.
  • Check the water pressure regulator for the house and landscaping use.
  • Ask us how to check your water meter for movment.
  • Ask us for the latest recommentations on eco-friendly fixtures.


Why should I consider a tankless water heater ?
  • A whole house tankless water heater that we provide can reduce your water-heating bill by 40 percent or more.
  • Twice the life of a conventional tank type water heater.
  • Never run out of hot water…..ever!
  • How ever long it takes for you to get hot water to a particular fixture with your conventional water heater, the tankless water heater will take the same time.
  • Call us for an in house estimate before your existing water heater goes out.